Vive la Sky Blue Revolution! Why the guillotine is set to fall at Manchester City in 2011

January 9, 2011


2008 was Manchester City’s 1789 (bear with me on this one). The Eastlands’ annus mirabilis held promise of a liberation from years of stagnation and a final end to humiliation at the hands of their hated neighbours and rivals. The seizure of power by Abu Dhabi’s oil-rich was met with the understandable optimism of one […]

Merkel, Mesut, and Multikulti: The Politics of Partisanship in Sport

November 23, 2010


20 years after the Tebbit Test in Britain, Germany feels the tensions between the presence of its minorities on the sporting field and the antagonisms of integration off it.

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Premier League teams turn style into a cash cow

October 19, 2010


Football clubs releasing new kits each season are stretching supporters' wallets, despite a proposal in the Premier League charter to restrict a change to once every two years

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British Asians are in the stands even if the pitch remains a battle

September 26, 2010


As clubs such as Chelsea look to develop British Asian footballers, the growing number of supporters of subcontinental origin feel at home in grounds

Sterling Cooper Wenger Ferguson: the welcome return of the Premiership’s Mad Men

September 11, 2010


Weekly high-drama returns to small-screen and stadiums with the Premier League and season four of Mad Men

Why the Curse of Chelsea’s No. 7 Could Strike John Obi Mikel

September 2, 2010


New signing Ramires is the man who can throw off the numerical albatross that simultaneously sits on his back and around the collective neck of Chelsea fans

(Don’t) Feed Nico and He Will Score: Anelka’s Ramadan Goal Rush

August 23, 2010


How Nicolas Anelka continues to prove former Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, wrong